Joey Totes

We are a thirty-something couple living in a quaint Maryland town by the Chesapeake Bay. Chris was in the forest products industry, but now runs our little business while Kate is an environmental planner.

We have always tried to do our part for the environment by changing wasteful habits and, of course, by reusing our shopping bags. We have plenty of those $.99 reusable bags sold in grocery stores, but we were constantly leaving them behind and we were only using them when we went to the grocery. ‘Shouldn’t we be reusing bags wherever we shop?’ we thought. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that we needed a more convenient bag(s).

We wanted our bags to be:

  • Convenient – stash to a manageable size so they could be conveniently carried/remembered. Also, come in two sizes to carry both large and small loads.
  • Durable – the best bags can hold large volumes and heavy weight. We figured 40 lbs. was more than anyone really wanted to carry
  • Washable – bags get dirty and need to be washed.
  • EcoFriendly – all of these factors combined make it easier and more practical to develop the habit of reusing your bags everywhere you shop, so you can replace the use of thousands of plastic and paper disposable bags each year.

So, we made a few prototypes and started to use them and people noticed. We think you’ll like them too and, best of all, no more bags left behind. We know you’ll agree that owning a well constructed set of reusable bags is a simple and effective way of reducing waste and showing that you are responsible resident of our planet. People will think you’re pretty cool, too!

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